EFBWW Information modules for the safer handling of asbestos



During the last decade, the European Union has forbidden the manufacture, distribution and trading of asbestos and has been regulating activities related to the removal of this material.

However, asbestos remains a deadly material, and in spite of an extensive ban and extensive efforts made to eliminate it, it is still present everywhere throughout Europe.

Against this background, the European Social Partner organisations for the construction industry, EFBWW and FIEC, decided to use the opportunity of the Bilbao Agency’s campaign on safe maintenance to run joint activities on the specific issue of Maintenance/Asbestos and the instructions required for workers.

The overall aim of the project was to contribute to the EU-policy on asbestos as an important part of its overall policy regarding occupational safety and health at the workplace.

The ban of hazardous substances is one of the key elements of the EU health and safety policy. After the general ban of asbestos, the safe removal of still existing asbestos sources is the second leg of the distance.


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