This is how the year 2021 was for EDI


  • EDI most ambitious publication has been the European Decontamination Industry Report 2021

There are just some days left to say goodbye to 2021, so it is time to recap. The European Decontamination Institute has been working relentlessly during the year, and now sets sights on the future. Here we go over the journey of EDI during 2021.

In the first place, education and training has been the spearhead of the association. Since the beginning of the “academic” year, on September, EDI held four different webinars specialized on hazardous substances decontamination. Thus, it complies with its main goal: to inform and train professionals related to the decontamination industry, spreading knowledge of new techniques and best practices.

On the other hand, working groups have continued working on the development of reference documentation and the creation of dissemination of training materials and the promotion of the guild in general. Among other results, they made possible the publication of the European Decontamination Industry Report 2021, which includes a visual overview of Europe’s decontamination industry, forecasts and specific information about the decontamination activity given by the contractors themselves.

Despite the difficult situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, EDI assisted to many international events, such as the Geotech Expo in Birmingham. Also, the association had the pleasure to welcome many new members, both from national associations and other types of institutions, that will work hand in hand to improve the future of the guild and create links between professionals.

Apart from the Industry Report previously mentioned, EDI has provided its members and other professionals other publications like its Special Publication of 2021 – Decontamination of hazardous substances. It compiles and shares information related to these substances that may appear in construction, demolition, dismantling or refurbishment sites.

As a New Year’s resolution, EDI will continue working towards a better sector for professionals and companies around Europe. Caring about the environment, workers’ safety and a united guild will still be at the core of EDI’s goals in 2022. Happy New Year!