The Working Group on Hazardous Substances is back!


The European Decontamination Institute brings to you a piece of very exciting news. Our Working Group on Decontamination of Hazardous Substances is coming back!

This Working Group, responsible for projects such as the EDI Special Publication 2023, is beginning its work once again. This time, it focuses on a balance between the theory and practices relevant to the decontamination industry. In particular, it aims to answer the question: how do we decontaminate said substances, and how to do it well?

As was the case for previous years, Mr Johan D’Hooghe (RECYCLING ASSISTANCE) will coordinate the Working Group. The first meeting of the group, in which we will determine its objetives and direction, will take place on October 25th.

Any EDI member, as well as professionals related to the decontamination industry, are welcome to join this group. Every contribution counts, and the more we are, the more points of view and experience we can put together, creating interesting projects. Learn how to do it here!