The Finnish asbestos association SAP visits Madrid alongside AEDED


  • On Friday 29, they will assess case studies of asbestos removal projects in Madrid.

The Finnish Association of Asbestos and Dust Remediation (SAP) is travelling to Madrid, Spain from Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 of October. In the capital of Spain, members of AEDED (Spanish Demolition, Decontamination, Cutting and Drilling Assotiation) will be waiting to welcome their Finnish colleagues. Both assotiations will be able to create bonds between them in order to improve the sector in their home countries and develop international projects.

The Spanish and Finnish delegations will have the opportunity to explain the challenges and opportunities for improving asbestos management in their respective countries, and case studies of asbestos decontamination from the Spanish capital will be presented. This presentations gives the visiting association inspiration for their own projects in Finland.

Construction and demolition waste are considered hazardous if, due to its characteristics, poses a serious direct risk to human health or the environment. That is why in EDI we have a hazardous substances working group to cover the most common dangerous components that may appear when carrying out any activity related to construction, and with special interest in those substances that may arise in demolition, dismantling and refurbishment activities.