The EDI Working Groups carry on with high participation


As the months pass by, the EDI Working Groups carry on with high participation and implication in the association’s projects and publications. More than a dozen industry professionals get together to recollect their knowledge about the sector, elaborating on many of the educational and technical materials present on the EDI website.

The group meetings reunite contractors, engineering companies, manufacturers, and representatives of national associations. Together, they compile theory and case studies about the most important decontamination developments, as well as exchange their experience in that field.

The last meeting, in particular, brought to the table the topic of the differences and similarities in the asbestos inspection. It also aimed to answer an important question: whose responsibility is asbestos detection and removal? 

All in all, the working groups show the importance of  collaborative effort, which is crucial to creating good practices in the decontamination industry.

Most of the works done by these groups will be featured in the EDI Special Publication 2023, the association’s annual publication, which is due to be released in May. This way, the collective effort done by the professionals can receive the visibility and recognition it deserves.

Would you like to be a part of the working group and join them in their work on the EDI Special Publication and other projects? You can submit your application here!