How to decontaminate: main topic of the EDI Working Group


On October 25th, the professionals of the decontamination industry have reunited once again as a part of EDI Working Group on Hazardous Substances

This initiative, that began almost a decade ago, gathers the specialist of this sector to answer different questions relevant to the industry. On this occasion, the main topic is the following: how do we decontaminate different hazardous substances? And, even more importantly, how do we handle it in a safe, correct manner?

As construction professionals, we consistently encounter a handful of hazardous substances. PCB, lead, paints and solvents, radioactive waste, are just some of the examples. Thus, it is really important to be aware, and be able to identify, those materials, as well as understand how to handle them correcly.

In order to provide this information, members of the Working Group have put together several topics of interest, which will be presented in form of case studies. And that’s not all! Much of those presentation will later appear as written article in the EDI Special Publication 2024!

The next meeting of the group (that will take place on November 28th), will count on presentations of two case studies. The first being about contaminated wood; and the second, about decontamination of lead in paint.