Find out all the information about DCONEX 2022


  • DCONEX 2022 takes place on 19-20 January 2022 in Messe Essen, Germany.

Although some of the sector’s events return in 2021, it will be 2022 before we return to the normality we knew before the pandemic. And one of the first events next year will be DCONEX 2022.

This event will take place on 19-20 January 2022, at Messe Essen, Germany. The official programme will be announced later this summer.

For now, it is known that the content of this specialised congress with parallel exhibition will focus on technical information and the latest findings on pollutants and their remediation.

EDI, as a collaborating entity of DCONEX, in addition to actively participate in the event, we have a special discount for our members. If you want to know more about this discount and how to get it, please contact us at