EDI studies new developments in the European Directive on asbestos


  • The European Institute for Decontamination is in contact with DG Employment of the European Commission to clarify next steps.

There are important developments regarding asbestos management and exposure. In recent weeks, the European Parliament has approved the application of stronger and more robust measures for all jobs where there is exposure to this hazardous substance.

In this regard, EDI is studying these modifications in depth in order to be able to advise its members. Likewise, the study of these changes is one of the main points to be discussed at the next meetings of the working group on hazardous substances, organized by the association.

EDI has also contacted the European Commission’s DG Employment to find out the next steps to be taken in this regard. The agency has informed that it is working on updating Directive 2009/148/EC and that, in principle, the measures will not be implemented until mid-2022.