EDI presents the results of its first Industry Report


The European Decontamination Institute, EDI, has launched the first European Decontamination Industry Report with an online presentation open to the public, with the participation of international entities that shared their vision of the industry.

The report includes a visual overview of Europe’s decontamination industry and information about the evolution of the companies in 2019 and the forecast for 2020.

The document also provides a general picture of the situation in Europe elaborated from several sources of information, most of them available to the general public and some as special reports published by specialized organizations, such as European Economic Forecasts (European Commission), EUROCONSTRUCT Conferences and reports and EUROSTAT.

The document is only available in online version to allow an interactive navigation adapted to all devices (mobile, tablet and computer).

The information was collected using an online survey with 16 question that were translated into 10 languages to collect information from 14 European countries about the evolution of this industry.

The report has been possible thanks to the participation of contractors performing decontamination activities from different European countries and the dissemination carried out by the National Associations.

This report extends and updates the information included in the EDI Special Publication 2020 launched earlier this year, with information about why decontamination is necessary and define what waste are hazardous and why are dangerous

Results of the EDI Industry Report 2020

Half of the contractors consulted work at local and regional level, although a significant percentage (40%) work at national level.

According to the data collected, the substance most frequently removed by contractors is asbestos, followed by PCB.

Compared to 2019, almost half of the companies that completed the survey stated that their business prospects in 2020 for activities related to decontamination remain stable.

Investment in 2019 has remained stable too, a tendency that may be repeated in 2020, for machinery, equipment and consumables.

The data collected show that more than half of the companies work with their own decontamination equipment (bought or long-term leasing).