EDI and DCONex sign a cooperation agreement


The European Decontamination Institute, EDI, and DCONex, signed a cooperation agreement to collaborate together in the celebration of the DCONex Expo 2021 that will take place on January 20-21, 2021, in Essen (Germany).

With this agreement, EDI will get visibility through the communication channels of the event and its members can get a discount code for the participation in the event.

The DCONex specialist congress and exhibition is the national platform for the pollutant network and one of the main meeting points for the industry.

The current program offerswide range of knowledge on the subject and provides highly specialized solutions for pollution management.

The trade exhibition with around 30 exhibitors provides specific technical solutions and best practice examples for renovation practice. Experts from the construction industry use DCONex to find out about the latest developments in all aspects of pollutant management and to exchange ideas about work on existing buildings.