Attention supplier: show your equipment and products at DDR Expo 2017


The organization of the DDR Expo 2017 offers different marketing opportunities addressed to the supplier companies and manufactures in order to participate showing their latest developments in equipment and machinery.

There are four types of close space: small modular stand, large stand, small open space and large open space, all of them fantastic turn-key solution with: warehouse, counter, table, chairs, carpet, electricity,

Furthermore, if any company wants to reinforce their presence at the event and make a difference with their participation, there are some complementary options for them to choose from: social activity, shuttle service, welcome pack…

These services and packages represent an added value for all visitors of DDR Expo 2017, making the attendants feel comfortable and welcomed.

Supporting one of these options gives them a unique opportunity to build an amazing experience for their clients and connect their brand to the positive emotions that they will remember for a long time after the event.