Topics of the European Demolition & Decontamination Annual Convention 2018


The European Demolition Association, EDA, has already closed the topics of the conference program for its Annual Convention 2018, to be held on June 7-9, in Vienna (Austria).


Preliminary program

Thursday, June 7th

Professional program

  • Workshop 1: Demolition estimating, how to prepare the most qualified bid
  • Workshop 2: Demolition project management: set up, implementation and closing the job
  • Workshop 3: Training for demolition workers, from apprentices to managers
  • Workshop 4: Towards an international demolition training and accreditation scheme
  • EDA General Assembly


For all participants

  • Welcome cocktail


Friday, June 8th

Professional program

  • Opening by the EDA President, Mr. William SinclairIntroduction by the chairman of the conference, Mr. Andreas Pocha

Conference session 1

  • Business intelligence about the European DDR (demolition, decontamination, and recycling) activities
  • City-wide monitoring of demolished buildings and material quantities based on satellite images and GIS models
  • Case story: Extreme demolition in the heart of Munich

Coffee break

Conference session 2

  • European Construction Sector Observatory: Trends of the construction industry in Europe
  • IAEA considerations on decommissioning (decontamination, dismantling, and demolition) of nuclear facilities
  • Case story: Special projects decommissioning nuclear facilities with diamond tools

Lunch break

Conference session 3

  • Identification of materials (including hazardous substances) prior to demolition. The new Austrian regulation
  • Funding for investment in Circular Economy, an opportunity for demolition and recycling companies
  • Safety on demolition operations, practical materials, and better communication
  • Case story: Decontamination and demolition of petrochemical plants in South Africa

Coffee break

Conference session 4

  • Bringing the industry together, the experience of the French Demolition Association
  • Case story: Engineering analysis and demolition modeling for the GA Dome, Atlanta (USA)
  • Case story: The demolition of the GA Dome, Atlanta (USA)


Leisure program

  • Day trip in the surroundings of Vienna


For all participants

  • Gala Dinner (During the Gala Dinner it will take place the change of EDA President and the announcement of new Club of Honor members). The Gala Dinner will take place at:

Palais Pallavicinni
Josefsplatz 5
1010 Vienna (Austria)

Saturday, June 9th

For all participants

  • Tour in Vienna


This 2018 edition adds decontamination as topic of the event, which along with demolition, tries to cover the most related activities where the members of EDA and EDI are specialized.

In addition, these are activities highly related with Circular Economy, main topic for EDA since long time ago.

The European Demolition & Decontamination Annual Convention 2018 will meet contractors, manufacturers and associations related with these industries in Europe, with the aim of protecting its interests around the continent.

Also, the event would provide an opportunity to meet professionals involved with the demolition industry.

At the same time, it will be a leisure program, a great opportunity to discover the amazing city of Vienna, with diverse activities organized as the Welcome Cocktail, the Gala Dinner and visits to the most emblematic places of the city.

During these three days, contractors, suppliers, association’s representatives and other related professionals will have the opportunity to network with each other.


Marketing opportunities

Too, the European Demolition & Decontamination Annual Convention 2018 is an excellent opportunity for the manufactures companies to promote their brand and meet their clients.

Indeed, ten companies have already confirmed their participation: LIEBHERREPIROCCATERPILLARHYDRARAM and VTN EUROPE as sponsors, and ROTAR and MANTOVANIBENNEBRAUNAMSHAINZL and GIC 2018 as exhibitors.

IMPORTANT: It does not allow the participation of other suppliers in the event, which are not exhibitors, sponsors and protectors, as assistants.