Share your expertise about decontamination and hazardous substances throughout Europe


Since EDI was founded in 2013, one of its goals has been to promote best practices in decontamination for health & safety reasons and for the professionalization of the decontamination activity linked to construction industry.

Because of that, the association is preparing the EDI Special Publication 2020: an extensive document to disseminate informative contents about why decontamination is necessary, define hazardous substances, why they are harmful and how to prevent risks.

This publication will count on the collaboration of specialized national associations, public R&D institutes and international experts from reference organization like the Stockholm Convention, The European Network on Silica, the International Atomic Energy Agency, …

Do you want to share the expertise of your organization to become a reference? Would you be proud to read an article about your company in such a special publication like this one?

Stop imagining and turn this into reality. The associations and companies may participate by sending informative and instructive texts that show the experience and the knowledge in this area.

Visibility for your brand

Being in the right time and in the right place is the best way to get more visibility for your brand.  The EDI Special Publication is an opportunity that you can’t miss!

It will bring you a more direct way to reach your potential customers and increase your reputation in the sector, the EDI special publication is your solution.

As sponsor, you can choose between different options to get the visibility and the presence that your brand deserves.