European Decontamination Industry Report 2022

What is the study?

EDI is preparing the European decontamination Industry Report 2022.

The main objective of this report is the collection of reference data, which are of high value for all professionals in the sector.

How is it done?

Based on two separate questionnaires, one for contractors and the other for suppliers, EDI’s industry report will provide a better understanding of the market, giving an overall view of the trends in the industry.

Completing the survey only takes 5 minutes and that time spent translates into:

  • Generating a reference document for companies and entities related to decontamination.
  • Providing a global vision of the guild.
  • To provide tools for greater visibility and recognition of decontamination.

All responses are anonymous and the respondent cannot be identified in any way.

Who can participate?

The survey is addressed only to specialized companies, distinguishing between contractors and suppliers.

Any company, whether or not it is a member of EDI, can participate.


What do I get in return?

As a reward for your cooperation, once the study is finished, EDI will give you with free online access to the complete report, with all the data compiled.

The expected release date for the European Decontamination Industry Report is July 2022.