The EDI website has public and private contents.

Some contents are only available for EDI members, while other materials (documents/audiovisuals) are open to non members, either freely or through some cooperation model.

If you have any question, contact the EDI Secretariat.

See the following table to learn about access to EDI private contents, according to the user level.

Dissemination guide
Technical guide
Conference books (Annual events and other activities)
Live webinar
Dissemination webinar recording
Technical webinar recordings and materials
General Assembly
Board of Directors
Working Groups
Per userAll Included

+ 5 or 10 users

1 Free



Who can be member/subscriber?

EDI welcomes as direct members National Associations and specialized companies (contractors, manufacturers, dealers, consultants,… ) in topics related to decontamination.

Membership includes free access to all contents for several users (see the following question for details).

+ information on how to become member

Subscriptions are meant for individuals. Any professional related to decontamination applications, can become a subscriber.

Just apply for free registration first, and if you want access to more contents, change your level.


My organization is already member, how do I get access to private contents?

National Associations members of EDI have up to 10 users, included with their membership.

Specialized companies members of EDI have up to 5 users, included with their membership.

If your organization (association or company) is already member of EDI (see the member list), contact your delegate to request a user.

Your delegate will be able to request the creation of a new user, with free access to all EDI contents.


Why do I have to pay?

EDI is a non-profit organization, but to develop its activities needs resources.

These resources come from the membership fees and any other sources of income, including subscriptions to the private contents of the website.

If you are an independent professional or part of a specialized organization related with decontamination applications, you can support EDI through membership or a paid subscription.

If you are a professional from a Public Administration or from another organization not linked directly to decontamination, we also offer partnership agreements. When you become a partner of EDI, you will receive one Premium Subscription free of charge.


Can I purchase access only to a specific content?

Sorry, but no.

Technically it is very complicated to give specific user access to specific contents, so we decided to create user levels.

Once registered as free user,  you will be able to upgrade your level and have access to the EDI contents, as listed on this page.

If you want any of the EDI printed publications, buy them directly (while we have stock).


How can I change my subscription level?

That’s easy!

Click here to upgrade or change your subscription.


Do you need help or have another question?

If you have any additional questions, contact the EDI Secretariat.