Study on asbestos waste management practices and treatment technologies


The European Commission has recently published an in-depth study on asbestos waste management practices and technologies. Protecting workers and citizens from the health risks associated with asbestos exposure is a long-standing priority in the EU. Simultaneously, there are ambitious targets being set for the reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste, including materials containing asbestos.

This study, commissioned by the European Commission, explores asbestos waste management practices and technologies. It includes a review of 112 scientific articles and grey literature reports published since 2018. Additionally, insights were gathered through two online surveys and 18 semi-structured interviews with experts. Preliminary findings were discussed during a workshop held in June 2023.

Key findings from the study include:

  • Lack of Comprehensive Statistics: Complete asbestos waste statistics are unavailable for all Member States.
  • Guidance Documents: Only about half of the Member States have issued guidance documents for asbestos waste management.
  • Waste Generation: Asbestos waste primarily results from renovation and demolition activities.
  • Disposal Practices: Landfilling is the main disposal method, but landfill capacity is a growing concern for several Member States.
  • Emerging Technologies: Several asbestos recovery technologies are nearing readiness for industrial implementation but face regulatory and economic hurdles.

This study highlights the urgent need for standardized asbestos waste management practices across the EU and the potential of innovative technologies to transform how asbestos waste is handled.


For more information visit: Publications Office of the European Union

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