The environmentally and health-damaging substance PCB is a widespread problem in Danish buildings. In step with the increasing focus on PCBs in construction, the members of Demolition and Environmental Remediation a section in Dansk Byggeri are experiencing an increasing demand for remediation of building materials containing PCBs.

The section has prepared this guide in good practice when decontaminating PCB-containing materials. It states how the remediation work is to be carried out so that considerations of safety, health and the environment are ensured. The manual contains instructions and examples for use in decontamination of PCB-containing materials. It has been prepared with the help of professional advisers and incorporates experience as well as knowledge from home and abroad.

The guide is for use by builders, consultants and contractors in connection with planning as well as implementation of renovation and demolition work, which involves handling PCB-containing materials.

This edition of the guide is an update of the previous guide from 2010. The updated edition is based on the latest legislation in the field and incorporates a number of the experiences gained through the industry’s practical work with PCB remediation.


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