EDI Special Publication 2024


The European Decontamination Institute, EDI, closes its year with another project: EDI Special Publication 2024!

As is the case with its previous editions, this document aims to compile and share information related to relevant hazardous substances that may appear in construction, demolition, dismantling, or refurbishment sites.

While the main topic remains the same, each year it focuses on a new aspect related to this question: what substances can be found in each work, how do we decontaminate them, what are the risks associated with them, etc.


The EDI yearly publication contains relevant information about the most recent developments in the industry, as well as case studies about a variety of hazardous substances.

The contents of these documents are created by EDI working groups, composed of industry professionals. On this occasion, there are two main topics of discussion:

  • Asbestos and its treatment in Europe
  • How to decontaminate other hazardous substances, such as NORM, lead, silica, etc.

Additionally, some contents review the Institute’s activities throughout the year, both past and present.


Being a part of the EDI Special Publication 2024 is a great opportunity to increase your visibility within the decontamination industry.

Due to its strong dissemination campaign, this publication reaches hundreds of industry professionals every year, including contractors, suppliers, engineering and consulting companies, as well as public administrations. It is also distributed during related events, such as:

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