EDI Special Publication 2020 – Decontamination of hazardous substances



The EDI Special Publication 2020 is a reference document with information about why decontamination is necessary and define what waste are hazardous and why are dangerous.

The contents are educational articles to promote techniques, working methods and training on decontamination, signed by several experts and collaborators, specialized in this area.

This publication is aimed at stakeholders, decontamination entities (national associations, contractors and suppliers) and any other organizations that are involved in hazardous waste, decommissioning, dangerous substances and decontamination.

Table of contents

  • Editoral
  • Introduction to EDI
  • Articles: more than 15 texts writen by enterprises and European entities in the decontamination industry
  • European Decontamination Institute

Data sheet:

  • Pages: 84
  • Size: A4
  • Format: Digital (online consultation) and hard copy
  • Price:
    • Online: Free
    • Printed: 50 €

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