Working groups

  • Regulation of the activity:

    Depending on your country, on the industry you are working for and even on the owner of the structure or site to be demolished there will be very different requirements to do the decontamination work.

    In order to improve the actual situation, the main goal of this working group will be to outline a basic standard for accreditation of decontamination companies.

    If there is a general agreement on this basic standard it will be also proposed to the EU authorities, in order to get more formal support and recognition.

  • Education and training:

    If you ask EDI members and associations for the key topics of the industry, quite often the answer will be simply “Education and Training”.

    Under Education, we include the general public or audience of the decontamination industry: engineers, architects, managers, and professionals of all kind, related to the decontamination industry.

    And with Training, we mean the instruction for decontamination workers, both Health and Safety topics and a more practical approach to their work.

    The main goal of this group is to work towards global standards on Education and Training programs across Europe, helping National Associations and individual companies to implement them.

  • Health and safety:

    Even though guides about decontamination have been made in the past, some may be more a general approach to the different Health and Safety issues related with the decontamination industry, others may serve as a reference to develop more detailed documents and guides on each country member.

    Now it is time to update a guide, so the main goal of this group will be to update this document to produce a global guide on Health and Safety issues related to the decontamination industry.

  • Environmental:

    There is no doubt among decontamination companies about one of the key issues for the future of the industry: waste.

    We can recycle, dismantle, remove hazardous materials,… everything can be done if it is planned and carried out correctly by professionals.

    This working group focuses on environmental issues related to decontamination as how to deal with waste and hazardous waste, including laws, recommendations, processes, security, etc.

  • Equipment technology:

    Thus, the goal for this group will be to work on guidelines covering the topics of new machines and their manufacture. As these guidelines will be in close concordance with other documents of National Associations, there will be a great effort to look for standards and to propose a common ground among manufacturers.

  • Communication and marketing:

    If you just say Decontamination industry, the perception of your audience can be quite different, depending on your country, and even in the same country, depending on who you are addressing.

    Even the translation of some technical wording related to the Decontamination industry can be very dissimilar, for the same language and when used by different companies.

    In order to improve the communication and marketing of our industry, this working group will focus mainly on creating a network of communication for our news and general marketing support

  • Statistics