During the last decades, it has emerged as a major environmental and health concern due to the problems resulting from waste, especially hazardous ones.

This concern has allowed confront the problems of environmental pollution and its adverse effects on public health. In addition, in the last years waste generation has grown exponentially, progressively increasing the levels of risk associated with each waste.

Due to the previously mentioned reasons, it appears the need to decontaminate spaces to safely move away from hazardous waste. Companies have begun to appear in the specialized market in decontamination works, first around hazardous waste and asbestos, and then increasing their fields to other hazardous areas of decontamination.

The European Decontamination Institute surged as an organization that promotes business activity referred to the proper decontamination of this waste. To do that, EDI has put together several written and audiovisual materials, thus helping to develop and elevate the industry standards.


Throughout the years, the EDI has published the following materials:

Most of them are accompanied by illustrations, which you can see down below: