In almost every demolition job you will encounter dangerous waste. We all know asbestos. But unfortunately there is much more that challenges the demolition contractor. To make it safe to demolish, to ensure that the demolition waste is recyclable, decontamination is an essential step in the demolition or refurbisment process.

During the decontamination the dangerous waste is extracted from the building in a safe way according to the legislation. It all started with asbestos removal but now there is also removal of lead, PCB, tar, mercury, radioctive waste, … .

Most probably contractors will also have to deal with demolition waste which contains unknown (until now) dangerous substances because the waste and the knowledge are changing all the time. It’s the task of the European Decontaminiation Institute to gather all this information and knowledge to keep all the european demolition contractors on the same track of safe and environmental
friendly demolition.

A relatively new topic and highly relevant for the demolition industry is N.O.R.M., Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials.

NOTE. This article was written by: Mr. Johan D’Hooghe


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