The European Decontamination Industry Report 2021 is already available


  • The survey results are based on responses from contractors and suppliers across Europe.

The European Decontamination Industry Report 2021, a new edition of EDI’s industry sector, is now available for online consultation (accessible from all types of devices).

The results of the study were obtained from the responses of contractors and suppliers in two separate surveys. In order to make them more accessible and, of course, to obtain as many responses as possible, these surveys have been made available to industry professionals in different languages.

The European Decontamination Industry Report 2021 includes general industry data, information on company activity, turnover, investment, etc. in 2020 and industry forecasts for the current year (2021).

It is therefore an extremely valuable tool for professionals in the decontamination and, in general, the deconstruction sector. Especially in a year like this, when it is essential to know the situation of the sector in which we work and the opinion of our colleagues.

The European Decontamination Industry Report 2021 is available here.

A positive balance

The results obtained in this new edition of the European Decontamination Industry Report have been considerably positive, considering that 2020 has been a complex and challenging year.

For example, 42% of contractors reported that 2020 was a stable year in terms of turnover, while 32% noted that there was some growth. In contrast, 26% confirmed that their turnover was somewhat lower.

Suppliers also report that 2020 was a stable year overall. But here the most positive data is found in the forecasts for 2021. Respondents foresee increases in their workforce, in their marketing spend and in their investment in R&D, new facilities, technology, etc.