SEDDRe’s Annual Convention is almost here!


The face-to-face events have returned in full swing, and this May, it’s SEDDRe’s time to shine!

From May 31st to June 1st, the French Demolition, Decontamination and Recycling Association’s Annual event, Rencontre des métiers, will be taking place in Tours, France.

This event will offer numerous conferences about a variety of topics. The Annual Convention will start with a visit to a selective deconstruction site. Some of them will be centred around the decontamination industry, such as a conference about the evolution of asbestos regulations.

On the other hand, recycling is another big topic of the year, with conferences about the transition to an efficient Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Lastly, the presentation of the Innovation Awards will take place.

You can visit the SEDDRe’s website to discover the complete program of the event, as well as register to attend it.