KAMERIS GROUP, the newest member of EDI


KAMERIS GROUP, formerly known as PHILIPPOS KAMERIS LTD, was founded in 1988 by Philippos Kameris. Operating in Cyprus, this company specializes in demolition, dismantling, asbestos removal and collection and management of construction and demolition waste.

Throughout the years, KAMERIS has conducted numerous recognised projects. Among them, are the demolition of the Ronald McDonald House, the demolition of Nicosia Municipal Theater, the demolition and asbestos removal of the Nicosia Old General Hospital, and works on several hotels.

One of KAMERIS’ most prominent features is its workforce, which the company defines as “the foundation of the Group’s customers’ trust”. Besides carrying out the work, they actively participate in workshops, seminars and conferences, organized by private and public institutions.

KAMERIS also puts a great focus on a safe and healthy environment, with immediate response and customer satisfaction being one of their primary goals.