Join the EDI Webinar on the New European Asbestos Directive!


After a long break, the EDI webinars are back!

On this occasion, we will be exploring the New European Asbestos Directive. Introduced in 2023, it generated its fair share of controversies, with some industry professionals approving or critiquing some of the measures it implements.

Now, after a year passed, it’s time to discuss its impact on workers’ lives, and on the construction industry as a whole.

Ms Yvonne Waterman, from the EUROPEAN ASBESTOS FORUM, will be the main speaker of the webinar. After her presentation, a discussion will take place, with Ms Souhila Paré, from SEDDRe, as a pannelist. Lastly, a Q&A session will take place, where the guests can get the answers to their most relevant questions.

The session will take place on March 13th, at 15:00, and is available for everyone for free. And, since it’s a topic that affects all of the actors involved in the industry, we highly encourage you to participate!