EDI welcomes its newest member, Grupo Mitre


The company was founded by Miguel Ángel Ippolito, who transitioned from auto mechanics to the demolition industry, setting a firm foundation for a business committed to triple impact: economic, social, and environmental.

Thanks to the founder’s legacy and the company’s continuous evolution, Grupo Mitre has achieved significant milestones, including becoming the world’s first B Corporation demolition company. This certification highlights their positive impact on the environment and community.

With a strong dedication to the circular economy, Grupo Mitre stands out for its efforts to minimize landfill waste by recovering demolition aggregates and reintegrating as many building materials, such as doors and windows, back into the market.

In 2015, they further solidified their commitment to sustainability by incorporating their first on-site aggregate crusher, enabling the reprocessing of materials directly at the demolition site and reintroducing them into the construction production cycle.