DECONTA joins EDI as its newest member



DECONTA group, based in Isselburg, Germany, is a medium-sized machine manufacturer. With over 20 years of experience, it operates on an international level, having locations in Spain, Australia, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

The company develops devices, systems and customized products specialized in the decontamination of areas of contaminant clean-up, as well as the handling of dust and the use of mobile techniques for civil protection, disaster control and the medical sector.

DECONTA provides a variety of services, such as project planning, repair, and maintenance work. Their product catalogue includes but is not limited to negative pressure units, water management, air purifiers and dust protection.

Additionally, DECONTA is a very active entity, taking part in events and publications on an international level. They define their main values as reliability, quality, innovation, and collaboration with their clients.